Thursday, November 12, 2009

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2009: A Crazy Story Take 2

This morning our whole school walked down to Tamaki College to watch lots of amazing films made by our school and schools in our cluster. It's a great time to celebrate and see all the wonderful and amazing things we have done this year. This was our movie that we made for this Manaiakalani Film Festival. Click here to see all the movies that are being shown today.


andee said...

hi room ten i really liked our movie about a crazy story. how funny
was it when you did your dance from andee

Anonymous said...

Hi room ten my favourate was Spider Man and bat Man went Away from daley

Mrs Tele'a said...

Malo lava Room 10. Well done for presenting confidently Gloria and Levi. What a super fun movie! Miss Lavakula told me that it was the same script but you made the video again. This second take is a huge improvement to your first take, so good that it seems to be a different story altogether. That means you have all become even better actors and your teacher is certainly very good at editing. Keep up the great work team.
Mrs Tele'a

Ms Squires said...

I really loved your movie Room 10. I think you are all amazing actors. Your story was also so entertaining -it really made me laugh.
Great job
Ms Squires

Jarna and Jessica said...

Hey Room Ten

your movie was hillarious because your acting was sooo!!! awsome.As we watched you movie we thought that can't be room ten but we were suprised that it was.your movie was FANTASTIC!!!. Anway keep up the awsome work.

your sincerely Jarna and Jessica

Mrs Burt said...

That was awesome Room 10. What a big project you undertook. It was inspiring to see how you took the film you had made previously and remade the whole thing to make it bigger and better. Congratulations to you all. And well done to the presenters who did a great job at the Film Festival too :)

Year 4 Extension said...

Hello Room 10. You were really good at presenting. It was brilliant! You are so good at acting. We really liked the three little pigs and one very smiley wolf!
Year 4 Extension Group

Darius said...

Hi room 10,
what a cool movie you guys made cant wait for your next movie.

keep up the good work.

Makerita said...

Hi Rm 10,
You guy's are real good at acting. I hope you make another movie and become stars.Bravo!
Keep it up.

Yanquasia and Francis said...

Hi Room 10, we really liked your crazy story because it was bizarre but it was funny. We liked your costumes especially Snow White's and Little Red Riding Hood's outfits. You guys looked like real movie stars and you are awesome actors! You guys rock!

Room 3 PBS said...

Hi Room 10,

We liked your movie and your costumes. You used lots of expression and we liked the Spiderman cartoon in the middle of your movie. We also liked how you mixed lots of stories into one movie. Great job, Room 10.

From Room 3 PBS

Mrs Samuels said...

WOW! Room 10 has talent! We loved the way you developed the story and presented it dynamically. Big ups to Miss Lavakula for her huge input in this project, too.
Well done - you can be proud!
Mrs Samuels and Noah

Miss Garden said...

I love the way you remixed all the stories you learnt about last term into a new original "Crazy Story". What clever actors you have in your classroom.

Mrs Sigamoney Room 15 said...

Hey guys, I really enjoyed your crazy story. Great acting and awesome settings. Well done!

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow! What a super cool movie! I really like the plot and the acting was just top notch! Well done !!

Mrs She

Mrs. Barks said...

Hi Room 10!

I want to tell you how entertained I was by your movie! I found myself laughing all the way through it at all the crazy mix ups! Great acting by everyone! I can't wait to see what you produce for next year's festival!!

Latu said...

Hey Room 10
I really enjoyed watching your movie.
Gloria you are sucha great actor and storyteller. I really liked how Anamei act as snow white.

Hope to see you all soon.

Room 9 said...

Hi Room 10! We are so proud of your awesome movie. Here is a list of all the things we loved about your movie.
'Mele is a good actress',...'The 3 little pigs were funny, and they had funny hair;...'Spiderman is a good actor'...'We love the costumes'...'Prince Charming was funny'....'We like the way Little Red Ridding Hood and the wold were playing and running around the trees'...'We liked the song at the end of the movie and we liked the dancing in the class'.
Keep up the fantastic work Miss Lavakula and Room 10.
From Mrs Tuala and Room 9

Anonymous said...

That was a fantastic movie

By Nathaniel

Vivienne said...

Hi Room 10
I love the way you made your own crazy movie. My favourite part is when Gloria was angry and couldnt tell the story but she did tell the story. Keep up the great work room 10.

from Vivienne

Henry said...

Hey room10
i like your movie it is really funny i liked spider man and the dark knight bat man well see you later

bye bye.