Friday, May 10, 2013

A Special Surprise

Owen is new to our school. Here is his writing about Will.I.Am coming to Pt England. This Morning we went to assembly and a very special person came to PT England school.He got here in 25 minutes after morning tea.He came to give a special Prize to PT England school and the Manaiakalani school. was talking to us about his mum and his friends To have a good friend’s.He talked about his family and a wonderful dream about helping his mum and helping his family. The school felt so enthusiastic and everyone was so happy That he gave $100.000.00. The money was for to help our School with technology. I felt so enthusiastic that WII.I.AM came to Pt England School to give $100.000.00 Dollars.


Katareina said...

Thats so cool Owen. Did you go right up to him.

Katareina said...
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