Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basketball Lessons

For the last 8 weeks we've been very fortunate to have two skilled basketball coaches to come out and teach us skills. Here is a short clip of some of the things we've learned. Thanks Vinny and Dwayne from Basketball Auckland.


steven said...

hi room 9 your movie is fantastic because you had lots of detail in your movie and used lots of expression.from steven

sebastian said...

Hi Room9 your movie was so cool .i like your movie.from sebastian

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 9

Basket Ball lessons looked like heaps of fun and all the balls going into the hoops!! Future Basket ballers in the making!!

Awsome Work Guys :)

Shirley Penu (Judah's Mom)

Anonymous said...

HI ROOM 9 I THINK YOU guy a awsome you guys are awsome form ALISHA

adriel said...

WOW Room Nine

Basketball looks so fun that i want to join you guys.
Basketball lesons looks so fantastic that you guys can be perfesinols at

from adriel

adriel said...

Wow room nine

It looks like you guys had so much fun that i wanted to join u guys
at basketball this year.Was it cool???????

from adriel

nasibah said...

Hi room 9 i love those lovely smile i hope that you guys have a nice day with your nice frind!