Thursday, August 9, 2012

Revival's Olympic Writing so far...

Here is Revival's paragraph about the Olympics so far. We are very proud of all the New Zealand athletes competing in London.

Do you know how great our Olympics team is doing? At the moment New Zealand have 3 gold and 4 bronze but no silver yet. Last week when we looked at the medal table New Zealand were 37th and now they are 14th. Our New Zealand Olympic team won gold in rowing and won bronze in the Equestrian. I am proud to be a New Zealander.


Jouan said...

Hey room 9, I really like your great story. I we are all proud to be New Zealanders too. Go New Zealand!!! I can't wait to read to all the rest of your post.

From Jouan

Aliyah said...

Hi Revival its me Aliyah and I like the way you used expression and a clear voice in your short movie. by Aliyah keep up the great work.