Friday, May 4, 2012

Yvonne's Immersion Writing for Term 2

Here is Yvonne's recount writing about our Immersion Assembly. Listen as she shares with you what her favourite part was. Well done Yvonne!

Yvonne Immersion T2 from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.


Melville Intermediate, Hamilton said...

I was so excited to hear your recount about immersion assembly, I have heard all about them from the teachers who work at Point England School and I think that they are so wonderful! I couldn't be there at your assembly because I had to teach here in Hamilton, but thanks to your GREAT piece of writing I got to read all about it. I have a favour for you to ask Miss. We are looking at celebrations this term and I was wondering if someone from your class could write about a celebration for us, but I would like it to be someone who speaks Tongan! I have a Tongan student in my class and she is one of about three Tongan speakers in school, and has only been in New Zealand for a short time, so I was wondering if someone could explain about 'White Sunday' for her. If its possible leave us a comment.

Saadiya said...

Hi Yvonne,
Wow what a great story you have. I love it very much and keep up the great work.
From Saadiya

dylan said...

Hi Yvonne,wow what a great story. That was aosome.You could inprove on telling a little bit more.