Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Judah's Weekend

Here is Judah's writing that he wrote about his weekend. Listen as he shares with you what he did.


Anonymous said...

Hi Honey

that was an awsome game of Rugby League in the weekend. You Lomio and Zac played really well. Hope you guys are doing really well with your school work also..

keep up the great work..

Lots of love Mum :)

Elizabeth Taunese said...

Hi Judah

I engjoyed reading your story because you used clever
Words and also you spoke in a clear voice keep it up great work
From Taunese and Elizabeth g

Lomio-Lee said...

Hi Judah I'' liked your story judah i in joy your story. keep it up good judah!. from lomio-lee

Anonymous said...

HI JUDAH I liked your story it was good! judah. KEEP up the great work. YOU are the man judah!!!. BESTFRIEND-LOMIO-LEE