Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our remake of the Planets Rap song

Room 9 have remade the planets rap song that you can find here. We hope you like the animations that the children have drawn.


Seini-Mino said...

Hi Room 9,
What a talented bunch you are. I like how you all did your funky moves to the rap, It was AMAZING! Also like the pictures in the background.
FANTASTIC work room 9!

From Seini-Mino

Lawson said...

That was epic singing you were amazing awesome fantastic outstanding and so many others i can't write them all you guys keep your cool cat raping up and keep on drawing and finding more about the planets you may be solar system plant experts.

Francis said...

Wow that was so cool and you guys had great singing! and i loved how you said that OK were going to sing the planets really fast! i joined in! and i loved the movie.

From Francis

Kush said...

Wow room nine! That was a awesome song, even I can't write it. Was the rap hard?