Thursday, November 3, 2011

I wonder....

Here are some questions that children in Room 9 are curious about. If you are able to help with any of the answers, please leave us a comment.

Is there gravity in space?
How big is a comet?
by Kyan

Why are Saturn and Uranus the only planets that have a ring around them?
by Zane

Which planets have more than one moon?
by Enyahlee

What is a black hole?
Why do astronauts go to space?
by Antonia

How do the planets orbit around the sun?
How hot is the sun?
by Cyrus

How do objects float around in space?
by Sarai?


Anonymous said...

there is gravity in space but no gravity at earth.
Harvey christchurch room2 burnham school

Bridget and Sarah said...

What is a black hole?
Why do astronauts go to space?
by Antonia

A black hole is a dead star.

Astronauts go to space to explore and conduct research.

We are student teachers from Christchurch, we are really enjoying looking at your blog! :)
Great Work!

Selena said...

Hi Room 9 children!

Well there IS Gravity on earth but NO Gravity in space. Sarai, The planets float in space because of Gravity.

Nice questions room 9!


Cruz said...

Well Sarai,
Objects are able to keep floating due to the gravity witch makes them to keep in the air if there was no gravity they will just fall.

Cruz :)

Alpha-Adventurer 2 said...

There is no gravity in space, that's why things float around. The earth has gravity, that's why we can walk, run, jump...without floating around. Awesome questions!
-Alpha-Adventurer 2