Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maroroa's Speech about the Cook Islands

Kia Orana is how we say hello in the Cook Islands. Today I am going to talk about the Cook Islands because that’s where my family comes from. This is the Cook Island Flag. it has 15 stars because the Cook Islands is made up of 15 different islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are 19,625 people living in the Cook Islands but there are a lot more here in NZ.
The capital of the Cook Islands is Rarotonga and this is where most of the people live. In the Cook Islands we speak Cook Island Maori which is like New Zealand Maori and we also speak English. The Cook Island have a close friendship with New Zealand and we can use the same New Zealand money in the Cook Islands.
One of our well know arts is our tivaevaes our blankets which are made by our women who use beautiful colours and the things of the Cook Islands to make the blankets.
For dancing we do the hula which is fun and exciting to see and with the drums and ukuleles playing this makes Cook Island dancing very popular with a lot of people I have some photos of when I went to the Cook Islands about 3yrs ago. This is just a little bit about the Cook Islands. I hope you have enjoyed my talk and I hope some day you will go and visit my homeland meitaki maata. Thank you.


Deena Martin said...


My name is Deena and I am a college student in Alabama, which is in the United States. I read your blog post and watched your video. It was really neat to learn a little bit about where you live. I liked how you showed your pictures and explained about them, in your video. I like how you described about the music in your country and also about the Hula dancing you do. I bet that is a lot of fun! I am really glad I read your blog, because I feel like I learned some great information!

Hunter Hall said...

Hey Maroroa,
My name is Hunter Hall, I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading this post! I have never actually learned anything about the Cooks Islands before now. Your research information that you provided your viewers with was fantastic. I loved learned about the Cooks Island flag, the fact that it has 15 stars to represent each of the 15 islands is very cool. Learning about the Cooks Islands relationship with New Zealand was very interesting for me personally. I would be honored to own a tivaevaes. After viewing your post visiting the Cooks Island has defiantly been added to my places to travel and visit one day. Have you ever visited Alabama?