Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Auckland SkyTower by Enyahlee

Here is Enyahlee's animation of a New Zealand landmark.


Kate Fail said...

Hi Enyahlee!
My name is Kate and I go to college at the University of South Alabama in the United States. I am in a class called EDM 310 where we learn to use technology in the classroom to help teach students. I hope to be a teacher one day. I loved your animation! I had never heard of the Auckland Sky Tower before. I don't think I would want to jump off of it because that would be too scary! Would you like to? Keep up the great work! You and your classmates are very smart and so talented!!

Lesieli said...

Hi Enyhlee

What a cool Story about the Sky tower And i Like your Animation . Have ever been to the Sky tower or ever fallen of the Sky tower .

From Lesieli in Room 13

Amanda Ellenburg said...

Hey Enyahlee,
I'm Amanda and I'm from the University of South Alabama in the US and I am also in EDM 310. I really liked your animation. It is very cool. I also like how you talked and explained the picture shown. I would love to see the Auckland Sky Tower one day, I might even jump off if I can get up another courage. Keep up the good work :)

-Amanda Ellenburg

Kevin Hutchinson said...

Hello Enyahlee,
My name is Kevin Hutchinson, and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed your animated explanation of the Auckland Sky Tower. The class I am is teaching me to use movies and animation as teaching tools. Your illustration is a great example of how these techniques are useful. The animation is creative and entertaining. Thus, it leaves a great lasting impression on anyone who views it. I certainly will not forget the Auckland Sky Tower. Keep up the great work Enyahlee.

Amanda Killough said...

Hey Enyahlee. My name is Amanda and I am from the United States and attend the University of South Alabama. Your animation on the Auckland Sky Tower was awesome. I would be terrified to jump off, what do you think? I hope you continue doing great in school!