Monday, June 14, 2010

Eric's Paragraph about an Earthquake

Earthquakes happen everyday and they are small and big. It starts at an epicenter. Tectonic plates slide on each other and it causes an earthquake.


Miss Walker said...

Hi Eric. I like your story about earthquakes. It tells me alot of information about how earthquakes start.
You speak very clearly and confidently in your post.
Fantastic work.

Dante said...

Hi Eric you have a great story about earthquakes. Keep up the good work and have a great time making some more videos for the whole world to see. From Dante.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric thats a good story about earthquackes. its a good story about it.

Katie Watson's EDM310 Blog said...

Hey Eric! I am a student in Dr. Strange's Class from The University of South Alabama. I enjoyed your story about earthquakes! Good job!!

Kimberly Tharp's EDM310 Blog said...

Hello Eric,
Thank you for sharing your paragraph about volcanoes. You spoke very clearly and used excellent vocabulary. I have a little girl around your age and she will be so excited when I show her the work your class is doing.

Thank you again,
Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class
University of South Alabama

Oli and Syris said...

Dear Eric,
We really liked your information about earthquakes. It was interesting to learn about the epicentre.
From Oli and Syris.