Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Earthquake by Sela

Here is Sela's paragraph about an Earthquake. She has tried very hard to use interesting words. Well done Sela.


Mubasshira said...

Hi Sela

What a cool little video you have done to tell people about the things you know about an earthquake. I am really impressed. My favourite part is when you say 'an earthquake make big cracks on the footpath'. Keep up the good work. I am going to be checking out your posts later on this year.

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Yours Sincerely

hannah said...

hi sela my name is hannah I come from glenbrae school what a nice voice you have

Miss Skelton said...

Hi Sela,

I'm so impressed with your writing! Well done. You spoke so clearly and your information was very factual.

I am a teacher from Feilding and we have just started our blog so we are trying to get some ideas for our blog. I have heard Point England have great blogs, and now I can see why!

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Maybe you could give us some cool ideas.

I hope you have a great day at school.

Shannon Skelton

Martha Yim said...
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Martha Yim said...

You did a great job. I really like the example that you gave about a jigsaw puzzle. Your example makes it so much easier to imagine the tectonic plates.

Martha Yim said...

Hi Sela,

I am so glad that you replied to my comment. I did know that earthquakes could cause a tsunami but I did not know that a volcano could. That is very interesting. I will have to study more about volcanoes and tsunamis. I do not know which school I will teach at right now but I am hoping to teach at the school where my son attends. Your school is doing such a wonderful job using technology. Keep up the good work.

Alex said...

I like your waka and your people. But I mostly like your background.I hope you do well in your work. From Alex