Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ugly Duckling by Gloria

This is Gloria's writing for the Tale of the Ugly Duckling. She has worked hard in term 3 and was able to write the beginning of the story. Listen and you'd might like to leave her a comment about what happens next

Once upon a time there lived a mother she laid 7 eggs. She said "come out now, I will count to 3 and then you come out 1,2,3". And out came 6 eggs but the mother duck saw one she told the duckling "come out", the duckling said "I'm trying, I'm trying" the egg hatched and out came one ugly duckling. The mother duck was curious, why was the duckling different? But she just remained silent. They went to the pond to learn how to swim. They ugly duckling was the only one that could swim. They went to meet their mother's friends. Some of the friends were teasing the ugly duckling and the mother said "stop it, it is just his colour". She was so unhappy with them. So they went back home. One of the ducklings were playing a game, the ugly duckling asked them "can I play with you?". The ducklings said "No, you are too ugly to play with us, go away.


Mrs Tele'a said...

Malo e lelei Gloria. You have written a very good story. I think that it is good because it made me feel sad for the ugly duckling when he was being made fun of. Keep up the good writing Gloria.

Lindsey C said...

I love this story Gloria. Isn't it neat that even though the ugly duckling was different he was still one of the best? You are a very good writer. Keep it up!