Sunday, October 11, 2009

Incey Wincey Spider by Evan

Last term our topic was The Art in Storytelling. Our e-Learning task was to draw and animate a nursery rhyme or fairytale. This is Evan's animation for Incey Wincey Spider.


Mr Wood said...

I loved your animation and song, they went so well together. I even sang along.

serena said...

Even, you have a cool incey wincey spider. Because I like the way you where doing it. well done. Serena.

Ham Barnett said...

Evan, I really enjoyed your animation. I know that when I was your age, I could have never been that imaginative. I am a student at South Alabama and am in Dr. Strange EDM310 class. I will definitely be keeping up with you. I hope you will have something up next week for me to look at. I am interested how you did the animation and the music.

Allison Benton's EDM310 Blog said...

Hello, Evan,
My name is Allison Benton, and I am in Dr. Strange and Mr. Sullivan's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama.

I really enjoyed your version of the "Incey Wincey Spider". I really thought your house was cool and neat beacsue I loved your "home" door mat. I thought that you did a great job, and your animation went along with the song well. Thanks for sharing your version with us!
Have a great week!

My class blog can be found at, or


Jeff Otero said...

Hi Evan.

Dr. John Strange is my father-in-law. (I am married to his daughter.) My wife and I live in Texas, but we are all together in Alabama this weekend for a family reunion. Dr. Strange showed me the Room 10 blog and explained how he has been communicating with your class. He encouraged me to watch your animation, which is very nicely done. I would like to know how you created it.

Take care.

Miss Paton said...

Hi Evan,

I liked your Incey Wincey Spider song and animation. You sang it beautifully and I understood every word.

Keep up the great work,
Miss Paton