Friday, May 27, 2016

Thank you Variety Club

Toni was very blessed to have a new uniform this week. Thanks to sponsorship from the The Children's Variety Club. Here is a photo of him in his brand new uniform and a video saying 'thank you'.


Mrs Bush said...

Hi Toni,

I am just so proud of you doing this thank you video for Variety. You look awesome in your new uniform and I know you will look after it.
And the great thing is - there is still money left over for Year 6 camp.
So with Variety funding, you are double blessed - and you so deserve it.

Well done Toni!!!

Love Mrs Bush

Chavda said...

Hi Toni
My name is Chavda Fauea the school that
I go to is Panmure bridge school the class that I am in is lS1 the teacher that tech me is Mrs Nackier and Mr Wong and Mr Wong used to go to tamkik primary school and I like your video that u made it looks cool as
KEEP IT UP........
Pont England