Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Homeware Winners

As part of enterprising, we had a jar of lollies to entice customers to our groups. If any children ordered a candle, soap, potpourri, air fresheners, vases or coasters then they were allowed to guess how many lollies were in the jar. The correct number was 143. Heather from Room 6 got the closest guess which was 150. Revival has the most orders so she won a prize too. Congratulations Girls!! And THANK YOU to all the children that ordered from 'Homeware'.


Mr Webb and Room Three said...

Miss Lavakula
It seems like forever that I have left a comment but we are still watching from the country! The market day sounded like a great idea and I am sure that from your details on your blog it was extremely successful and I am sure the customers and the winners of the lollies in the jar were happy. Was it money that was used that was real or did you create your own?
Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki,

Priscilla Lavakula said...

Hi Mr Webb and Room Three,
We have created our own money for the children to use. The children in our team also have their own (pretend) bank accounts. Some children have jobs. Children also earn money by turning up to school, finishing work, sitting nicely, sharing ideas and other examples. Our children will be writing about the Trade Fair and we will be having a Market Day in week 8. Our economy is heaps of fun and we've also had auctions. We'll try to post more.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Emily and I'm from Whangarei primary school and I thought that this cool homeware idea was really good and I would like to ask permission to tell my teacher about this and see if our class can do it.
From Emily W.P.S