Monday, June 29, 2015

Basketball in Term 2

For the past 9 weeks, our maths class have been very fortunate to have two coaches: Vinnie and Shanice from Auckland Basketball, come and coach us. They have been teaching us skills: passing, catching, stop jump, dribbling the ball, guarding the ball and lots more. We got to play heaps of games like: Golden Child and 3 on 3 and so forth. We just wanted to say a huge "THANK YOU" to our coaches and to Miss Va'afusuaga for organising this for us.

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Paige Auroa school said...

Hi my name is Paige. I live in New Zealand. I go to Auroa school.
I what to now what your class room looks like for a birds eye view. It is a task for us to do. I will give you my link to my blog so you can see what I am up to.