Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 Manaiakalani Film Festival: Rock, Sword, Firecracker

Here is our entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014. Our movie came about an idea of where the game Rock, Paper and Scissors came from. We found a script from this free plays site called We adapted it slightly to ensure that our movie was within the time limit.
The students had lots of fun learning their lines, dressing up in costumes and acting it out. Thank you and all those who helped with our movie.

PES Lavakula Rock, Sword, Firecracker from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


Kishan said...

Hi class 9 hi was funny and your story has hock me in

Simon said...

I really liked your movie because your clothes and masks where amazing. you had a lot of detail In you movie.

From simon

Simon said...

I really liked your movie because your clothes and masks where amazing. you had a lot of detail In you movie.

From simon

Mya said...

Wow what an amazing movie, I really enjoined it keep up the great work.
From Mya

Miss Kimberley Ouano said...

Well done class 9!Now I know the history behind, paper, scissors, rock.

Great acting and animation skills.

Miss Ouano :)

Makayla S said...

Hi class 9 what a wonderful movie how did you get in your mind rock sword and fire cracker. It was fabulous
From Makayla

Kali said...

Hi class 9,
I really liked Emmanuel's laugh!
From kali

Kali said...

Hi Class 9,

I liked Emmanuel's laugh!

From Kali

jesse said...

Hi I really like your movie it is awesome and funny and believable.

From Jesse at Stonefields School.

Braeden Class 4 said...

Rock, sword, firecracker XD
gonna teach that to my friends!

Germaine said...

hi class 9 this movie is funny as i wise i was in it my Favorited prat is when the musesson was scraming
From Germaine class9
point england

Germaine said...

i mean i wish that i was in the movie and i mean my favorite part
from Germaine Agin

Miss Paton said...

Hi Class 9,
I enjoyed watching your movie. I liked how your movie told a story and how it went back in time. Great costumes and detail.

Keep up the great learning,

Miss Paton

S. Dwyer said...

We liked the way that you used a game that we all play and turned it into the theme of your movie. You have some good actors. From Class 19

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your movie it was a clever reinvention of paper scissors rock.So cool really enjoyed the hole story.

Zeb Stonefields schools

Nadav said...

Great job Class 9, what a funny movie lol.
Where's the idea from?

Dorothy said...

I did enjoy your movie Class 9. I also enjoyed coming to your blog and finding out about how you made it and how you wrote the script. You are a clever bunch of people. Well done.

Mrs Burt

Joseph said...

What a great movie

Aneelis said...

Hi class9
I like your idea what a great movie you have maked in you class keep it up class 9.
From Aneelis

Ms Eadie said...

Hi Class 9. We loved watching your movie. The kids in class 17 play Rock-Paper-Scissors all the time. Now they will be playing Rock-Sword-Firecracker. Awesome :)