Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Life Education Caravan by Charles

Guess what? Last week class 9 walked on to the court to get to the life Education caravan so we can learn how to keep healthy and grow. There
is an instructor named Lynn. She taught us five things about our body and the food we have to eat. I am going to tell you five foods what helps us grow.

Now one of the things to make us grow is drinking five or six cups of water everyday. Another thing to make us grow even more is to go to have
lots of rest and go to sleep for 8 hours a day at least. We have to eat lots of vegetables and we have to do lots of exercise.

Some other things that we did in the life education caravan is we got to see a lady called Tam. She is not a real lady she is plastic dummy and some of her skin is peeled off so we can see some of her body parts. she showed her liver, lungs, and the small intestines,and then large intestines. When tam turned around I heard some people saying Ewwwwww!!! and giggling but it was a little bit funny for me.

I liked the time that we went to the life education caravan It was cool.

My favourite part is when I saw Tam I hope we go there again so we can learn about being healthy.   

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Lucy King said...

Kia ora PES! And a special 'hello' to Charles who wrote an awesome article about the Life Education Caravan. You did an awesome job of describing the activities.

I am the teacher of an awesome bunch of grade 4 kids in Ouje Bougoumou, Canada. We are thinking of starting up a blog for our class, and are really impressed by what you and your classmates have been doing online.

Thanks for showing us the cool things kids can do on blogs! Keep up your awesome work.

From Lucy