Friday, February 7, 2014

Our netbooks

Hooray! Some of children in class 9 received their netbooks in the first roll out. Others will receive them next week on Monday. Here are some photos.

Netbooks 2014


Whaea Saf said...

Congratulations Class 9!!!
Hope you have heaps of fun learning with your new Chrome Books.

Don't forget to check out our Maori @ Pes site too. . .

lillyana said...

dear class 9 have a amazing and gaet new chrome books!!!! . and ues you home work on your chrome books at home and in the weekend . good by class 9!!!!. by lillyana!!$$$$$

lillyana said...

hey hey class 9 have a gaet and amazing chrome or netbook . and do your home work at home and the weekend. Good by class 9!!!$$$. by lillyana

Anonymous said...

Kia ora Room 9
We are learning to write good comments on our work and on our blogs.
We are amazed also at the work you are doing and how great your blogsite looks.
you are a great role model for us.

Nga Mihi
Room 4 Tautoro School.