Monday, September 30, 2013

Shavana's Cat Poem

Hello this is my poem about a fat cat I hope you like it

On the carpet there was a cat
You have to look twice
For a big fat cat
Might be sleeping somewhere!
On the top of the mat
Can you find a black nose?
Against the cool bench
Can you see two round eyes?
Whiskers that sharp
oh! my fat cat.


Natalie Tillery said...

I love the poem about that fuzzy furball. I have a cat too. His name is Ozzie~ I named him after Ozzie Osbourne because he was one wild Kitten! He clung to arm, he clung to my back, he clung to leg...and I thought, "he MUST be high"! and so I named the darned cat," I SCREAMED, OZZIE, you cat, get off of my leg!"

Room 3 said...

Well done Shavana. Sounds like your cat is pretty awesome, I hope when your cat is on the mat you don't step on it! Next time maybe you could carefully check that you haven't missed any words.

Michael said...

Hi Shavana What a nice poem. It was good making your own poem.