Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sealions by Jalen

The Kiwifruit reading group read an article called 'Searching for Sealions' by Kim Westerskov. Jalen emailed him and Mr Westerkov replied back. Great researching and investigating Jalen! Checkout Jalen's blog here.
Check out the email below:
Hi Jalen Thank you for writing to me. It was great to hear that you were reading "Searching for Sea Lions" - and I was very pleased to hear that you liked it. Thank you. Swimming with sea lions is definitely cool. Where is Point England School? Let me know when your blog is posted, and how to find it please. I have written 17 books and booklets for children - all of them about cool stuff like whales and dolphins and penguins and seals and sealions and Antarctica - maybe there are some more in your library or resource room. All the best Kim Westerskov

Hi Hi there my name is Jalen and I am Year 5 and I go to Pt England school in New Zealand. Yesterday in my reading group we read one of your books it was called searching for Sea Lions it was a really cool story about you looking for Sea Lions. We are making a presentation or a movie to show our understanding about what we read. I have a blog and I will post it up when I am finished. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Jalen

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