Friday, April 19, 2013

Sohel's Eel Narrative

Here is Sohel's narrative that he wrote about an Eel. Once upon a time there was an Eel named Jack who lived in the beautiful healthy Omaru River. Jack loved to swim and play with his family in the River. One day he noticed the crystal clear water of the river was starting to look dirty. Jack saw lots of people throwing rubbish into the river it was dirty and smelly it was uninhabitable for Jack and his family to live. Jack needed to find a way to clean up the river so he would be able to live in the crystal clear water. So Jack followed the creek looking for a way to clean Omaru River. Suddenly Jack realised that he was swimming into the sea and Jack hated saltwater, it made his eyes burn. He was so hungry that he could not take it anymore. He turned around to go back but it was too late and sadly, Jack died. After a while a man picked up Jack’s family. Luckily, his family were saved. He took them to his house and put them in a big clean pond, where they could live forever. In the meantime Jack turned into a ghost and followed his family to the mans house and they lived happily ever after.

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juliet said...

Hi Sohel your Ell narrative is good