Thursday, January 31, 2013

Angelo and Yvonne's Narrative Writing

Here is Angelo and Yvonne's narrative writing that they worked on collaboratively using Evernote on an iPad.

Once upon a time there lived a snow man named Seini he lived in the a hole.on the side of the snowy mountain. Seini kept on looking out side of her window for a shooting star but it never came. One night seini was cleaning but flys kept on bothering her so she told them to go away with a sock on top of the flys head. They all went away because the sock was stinky. And seini,s feet was to smelly.

She looked out the window and looked back and saw the shooting star. She wished to go to go all the way to Mission Bay.She closed eyes and opened them and all of a big fat pants he was at Mission Bay.Is this a dream he said in his mind or is it not. As she sat down she thought she was going fall but she did,nt.

She saw a red x and a shovel leaning on a rock. She was wondering what it was for. She was thinking if she should dig. She chosed to dig. She diged the hole and found a paper that said you have won one $ millon dollars . She screamed . And that night they celebraited the rest of the day looking at the beautiful sky and the lovely birds . And shiny water and waves.But as she screamed she noticed that she had already mounted. But as she mounted she said said noooooo.

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