Sunday, October 7, 2012

John Amour's Olympic Weightlifting Animation

Here is John Amour Olympic Weightlifting animation that he has created in Hyperstudio. Watch and listen as he shares with you his work from term 3. Well done John Amour!


Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Hannah and I have just really enjoyed your animation. I like the way you made the rowing look real. Your story was great too. You used a clear voice and told me lots of information. I use Keynote to do this but didn't know you could use Hyperstudio. Thank you for sharing your awesome work, John :)

Room 2, Burnham School , New zealand said...

Hi John,

Room 2, Burnham School here. We really liked your animation. Your character reminds us of Levi, New Zealand Strongest man who came to visit Burnham school. He had crazy amount of muscles in his arms.

Room 2 and Mr Thurlow