Monday, April 9, 2012

Faauiga's English Mihi

Listen as Faauiga shares with you some information about herself. Well done Faauiga!


Angie said...

Hello Faauiga!
My name is Angela Smith and I am in EDM 310 at The University of South Alabama. You did such a great job on your video. I see that we have some things in common. One of my favorite foods is also pizza, and one of my favorite colors is also gold. What is your favorite type of pizza? Mine is pepperoni. Keep up the wonderful work, Faauiga!

Constance Dixon said...

Hi Faaugia,
My name is Constance Dixon and I live in Mobile, Al. I go to the University of School Alabama. I really enjoyed your video. I noticed that you have a lot of brothers and sisters. I am a only child and always wanted brothers and sisters. I really enjoyed learning about you. Being seven is so much fun. You get to do so much more. What is your favorite thing about being 7? Keep up the great work.

Jasmine Stevens said...

Hi Faaugia,
My name is Jasmine Stevens and I go to the University of South Alabama. I'm in EDM 310 class at my school. I really enjoyed watching your video. You did a great job. I love the color purple also. I bet you are having so much fun being seven. How old are your bothers and sisters? I have one younger sister, but I'm sure have 4 is way more fun! Keep up the good work!