Monday, February 27, 2012

All About Cruz

Here is a brief introduction that Cruz has written about herself. Listen as she shares with you what she likes.


Melville Intermediate, Hamilton said...

I watched your video in my class. I liked the way that you looked at the camera. My favourite colour is light Blue. I like KFC too.
Jay, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

Elizabeth Melville Intermediate said...

Hi Cruz, Its Elizabeth here from Melville Intermediate School. I think your really cute and I also think we have a few things in common already, like that I love KFC and My favourite colour is Red

From Elizabeth
Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand

Rose said...

Hi Cruz
You are cute!
My favourite colour is blue and light green.
1 thing that I think we have in common is I love KFC too!
From Rose
Melville Intermediate, Hamilton,
New Zealand.

Douglas Melville Intermediate said...

Hi Cruze my name is Douglas. My favourite colour is Red and Yellow. I like KFC too.
Douglas, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand