Friday, June 3, 2011

Ariana's pargraphs about P.E

Ariana has been learning to write in paragraphs. Here is her writing about P.E. Listen carefully as she shares with you what we do in P.E. Do you know what P.E stands for?

P.E is when a person learns a new skill. So they can show their friends and family. It includes passing, dribbling and jumping.

On Tuesday afternoons room 9 goes to P.E with Stephanie(from Sport Auckland). One of the games that we have learned is noodle tag, rob the nest, ball tag and traffic light. Something that Stephanie tells us, is to concentrate so we can stay safe.

This term we have learning to jump. We have to bend our knees and put our hands up in the sky. You also need to concentrate and bend your hips too so you can get to jump higher, you have to look forward. I feel happy when I do P.E. I like doing P.E with Stephanie because we do fun games and she makes me feel joyful. Jumping is hard when we use the inside of our feet.


sarona said...

hi room 9 I watched your video you made and I really liked it that was the best video you made for all of pt england .

Chloe said...

Hi Arianna
cool video about P.E it really good keep it up.

Chloe said...

Hi Arianna cool video about P.E I wish I could go but the good work up.

Hajira said...

Hi Ariana.
Awesome paragraphs you have written. Have you had fun learning to write in paragraphs. Keep up the great work.