Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Limerick Poem by Daley

This is Daley's Limerick poem that he worked hard on all by himself. He wrote this last year in term 4.


Indonesian Potency said...

good knowledge for me,thanks

Miss Walker said...

I enjoyed your limerick poem Daley. I listened to it twice. Are you going to write some more this year?

Sheree Orso's EDM310 Blog said...

Hi Daley,

My name is Sheree Orso. I'm a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile.

You seem to be such a smart student, to have written your very own limerick poem. Not only did you write your own poem but recited it on video and then put it on the internet.

Great Job! I give you a great big hand clap.

Rachael, Melville Intermediate said...

Hi my name is Rachael. Thanks for leaving a comment at our class page I like the movie it was alwsoome I like the blog all the clips on it is so cool.

Melville Imtermediate school,
room 8,
Wiakato, Hamilton.

Donyae and Jercyo said...

Hi Daley you spoke very clearly that my eyes popped out. from Jeryco and Donyae

T.j and brodie said...

Hi Daley, you spoke clearly. I
enjoyed the part when you spoke nicely and clear.